Source code for gen_avr8

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

     Copyright (C) 2018 Vladimir Roncevic <>
     gen_avr8 is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it
     under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the
     Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
     (at your option) any later version.
     gen_avr8 is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but
     WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
     See the GNU General Public License for more details.
     You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along
     with this program. If not, see <>.
     Defined class GenAVR8 with attribute(s) and method(s).
     Load a base info, create an CLI interface and run operation(s).

import sys
from os import getcwd
from os.path import exists, dirname, realpath

    from six import add_metaclass
    from import AVR8Setup
    from ats_utilities.splash import Splash
    from ats_utilities.logging import ATSLogger
    from ats_utilities.cli.cfg_cli import CfgCLI
    from ats_utilities.cooperative import CooperativeMeta
    from ats_utilities.console_io.error import error_message
    from ats_utilities.console_io.verbose import verbose_message
    from ats_utilities.console_io.success import success_message
except ImportError as ats_error_message:
    MESSAGE = '\n{0}\n{1}\n'.format(__file__, ats_error_message)
    sys.exit(MESSAGE)  # Force close python ATS ##############################

__author__ = 'Vladimir Roncevic'
__copyright__ = 'Copyright 2018,'
__credits__ = ['Vladimir Roncevic']
__license__ = ''
__version__ = '2.4.5'
__maintainer__ = 'Vladimir Roncevic'
__email__ = ''
__status__ = 'Updated'

[docs]@add_metaclass(CooperativeMeta) class GenAVR8(CfgCLI): ''' Defined class GenAVR8 with attribute(s) and method(s). Load a base info, create an CLI interface and run operation(s). It defines: :attributes: | GEN_VERBOSE - console text indicator for process-phase. | CONFIG - tool info file path. | LOG - tool log file path. | LOGO - logo for splash screen. | OPS - list of tool options. | logger - logger object API. :methods: | __init__ - initial constructor. | process - process and run tool option. | __str__ - dunder method for GenAVR8. ''' GEN_VERBOSE = 'GEN_AVR8' CONFIG = '/conf/gen_avr8.cfg' LOG = '/log/gen_avr8.log' LOGO = '/conf/gen_avr8.logo' OPS = ['-g', '--gen', '-t', '--type', '-v', '--verbose', '--version'] def __init__(self, verbose=False): ''' Initial constructor. :param verbose: enable/disable verbose option. :type verbose: <bool> :exceptions: None ''' current_dir = dirname(realpath(__file__)) gen_avr8_property = { 'ats_organization': 'vroncevic', 'ats_repository': 'gen_avr8', 'ats_name': 'gen_avr8', 'ats_logo_path': '{0}{1}'.format(current_dir, GenAVR8.LOGO), 'ats_use_github_infrastructure': True } splash = Splash(gen_avr8_property, verbose=verbose) base_info = '{0}{1}'.format(current_dir, GenAVR8.CONFIG) CfgCLI.__init__(self, base_info, verbose=verbose) verbose_message(GenAVR8.GEN_VERBOSE, verbose, 'init tool info') self.logger = ATSLogger( GenAVR8.GEN_VERBOSE.lower(), '{0}{1}'.format(current_dir, GenAVR8.LOG), verbose=verbose ) if self.tool_operational: self.add_new_option( GenAVR8.OPS[0], GenAVR8.OPS[1], dest='gen', help='generate AVR8 project skeleton' ) self.add_new_option( GenAVR8.OPS[2], GenAVR8.OPS[3], dest='type', help='set app/lib type of project' ) self.add_new_option( GenAVR8.OPS[4], GenAVR8.OPS[5], action='store_true', default=False, help='activate verbose mode for generation' ) self.add_new_option( GenAVR8.OPS[6], action='version', version=__version__ )
[docs] def process(self, verbose=False): ''' Process and run operation. :param verbose: enable/disable verbose option. :type verbose: <bool> :return: boolean status, True (success) | False. :rtype: <bool> :exceptions: None ''' status = False if self.tool_operational: if len(sys.argv) >= 4: options = [arg for i, arg in enumerate(sys.argv) if i % 2 != 0] if any([arg not in GenAVR8.OPS for arg in options]): sys.argv.append('-h') else: sys.argv.append('-h') args = self.parse_args(sys.argv[1:]) project_exists = exists( '{0}/{1}'.format(getcwd(), getattr(args, 'gen')) ) if not project_exists: if bool(getattr(args, 'gen')) and bool(getattr(args, 'type')): generator = AVR8Setup( verbose=getattr(args, 'verbose') or verbose ) generator.project_setup( getattr(args, 'gen'), getattr(args, 'type') ) print( '{0} {1} {2} [{3}]'.format( '[{0}]'.format(GenAVR8.GEN_VERBOSE.lower()), 'generating AVR8 project skeleton', getattr(args, 'type'), getattr(args, 'gen') ) ) status = generator.gen_pro_setup( verbose=getattr(args, 'verbose') or verbose ) if status: success_message(GenAVR8.GEN_VERBOSE, 'done\n') self.logger.write_log( '{0} {1} done'.format( 'generation of project', getattr(args, 'gen') ), ATSLogger.ATS_INFO ) else: error_message( GenAVR8.GEN_VERBOSE, 'failed to generate project' ) self.logger.write_log( 'generation failed', ATSLogger.ATS_ERROR ) else: error_message( GenAVR8.GEN_VERBOSE, 'provide project name and type' ) self.logger.write_log( 'provide project name and type', ATSLogger.ATS_ERROR ) else: error_message( GenAVR8.GEN_VERBOSE, 'project dir already exist' ) self.logger.write_log( 'project dir already exist', ATSLogger.ATS_ERROR ) else: error_message(GenAVR8.GEN_VERBOSE, 'tool is not operational') self.logger.write_log( 'tool is not operational', ATSLogger.ATS_ERROR ) return status
def __str__(self): ''' Dunder method for GenAVR8. :return: object in a human-readable format. :rtype: <str> :exceptions: None ''' return '{0} ({1}, {2})'.format( self.__class__.__name__, CfgCLI.__str__(self), str(self.logger) )